Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prego! (Said with a thick Italian accent, of course...)

So... For those of you keeping track, we're almost at 11 weeks now, and unbelievably so! How does time pass so quickly? We still find it hard to believe that there's a wee one growing oh-so-rapidly inside my belly, but we're excited as ever. A few things we've learned:

- Morning sickness shouldn't be called "morning" sickness when it strikes at all times of the day.

- 85 grams of protein is a LOT to consume when one's body is so finicky about food. And speaking of, how can the thought of food seem so, well, appetizing, but the thought of actually putting it into my mouth seem so nauseating?!

- Chance of miscarriage drops by 97% after you can hear/see the heart beat. Thank goodness for technology sometimes... What peace of mind seeing a tiny flutter on a black and white screen can give to a worried/paranoid mom-to-be.

- Must have fruit. Now.

- Water, water, water... this whole baby-making production require endless amounts of water! I should be walking around hooked up to an IV t0 get all the water this body requires right now...

- Who knew you could nap and wake feeling more tired than before you laid down? Oh to feel rested again... Maybe in 5 years, right?

- People love to give you their personal lists of "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts." Whether they're valid or asked for! Interesting...

- Choosing which people to tell when is probably the most challenging thing of all thus far.

- Getting married changes family dynamics for sure; having a baby, I'm foreseeing even more so...

- Midwives are amazing... They truly are the experts in this field... Not to mention much more approachable than a white coat. They don't treat you like you're sick or like there's a problem to be fixed; they treat you as if your body was designed to go through this process, that this is "all natural..."

- Girlfriends who've "been there"... absolutely priceless!

- A hubby who's even more excited than you... the best support a gal could ask for!

- Interrupted nights of sleep begin now... The toilet and I have a date every night at some point during the wee hours of the morning. Like they say, this must be prep for what's to come...

- Week 11 - The wee one is the size of a lime this week!

- Our bodies surely were designed for this. For our bodies to create the environment it does, for "baby" to form with such order and so perfectly, and for our bodies to "cope" and grow and change in the ways they do makes me wonder how anyone could think that this is all just random happenstance. I'm continually amazed at how perfect and with such intentionality God designed our bodies. (Okay, so I know the whole process isn't always nice and pretty, but it's all still incredibly miraculous to me!)

...Okay, that's all for now. More to come, I'm sure. We're sure to have more learning ahead of us in the next 6 months.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, while the rest of Alaska headed to the highways this Memorial Weekend, we stayed put, enjoying the georgous, sunny weather from the comfort of our own backyard. As in past years, this is the weekend we work on the yard and plant our garden. And we did just that! Liz finished building her arbor in the front yard that she started with her dad, and Scott went to town on the back yard tearing down one bed and building an even larger one on the other side of the yard to accommodate his wife's growing love of seeing things grow. Among the usual lettuces, chards, zucchinis, squash, kohlrabi, peas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and radishes, we're trying our hand at brussel sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, arugula, celeriac, parsnips, a myriad of fun flowers and sweet peas, and, of course, Scott's beloved corn! Fun times around the Luber Farm... We already have more rhubarb than one family can eat, raspberries that are about to start producing, Liz's experimental bulbs planted last fall are coming up all over, and our apple trees are looking healthier than they have in years! *Sigh* We just love this time of year......

The pictures you see are of Liz's arbor, the spot where the old garden bed was, the new bed!, our new "pea wall" against the side of the barn (since our not-so-neighborly neighbors put up a second fence that blocks the sun where we used to grow our peas), and our new little lattice for pole beans.