Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where DOES the time go?

Seriously, how is it that we went from being in shock over two positive pregnancy tests, to now having a car seat installed in the back seat of my truck, a pack-n-play beside my bed, a whole room filled with baby items, and a packed suitcase ready to take to the birthing center at any moment, in such a seemingly short amount of time?! I guess you could say that I'm not one of those gals who feels like 9 months lasted a lifetime... Feels rather short, actually. Guess I have to be thankful that I have been blessed with such a great pregnancy. Dare I say that I've actually enjoyed it?... Well, I have. No, I will not miss the swollen ankles, achy feet, pregnancy acne, fluctuating hormones (though they have been good for a laugh or two along the way!), "weighing in" every few weeks, and getting up at all hours of the night for various reasons, BUT... I will surely miss some things - especially feeling our little girl move and squirm and hiccup all from the comfort of my belly. It's been a sweet time of being amazed at how God has designed our bodies to create life so perfectly, and of getting to know Baby in a special way.

Here's what "we" look like at about 37 weeks (two weeks ago)!

Tucker had to remind us that he's still important, and had to find a way to make it into the pictures too! Poor guy doesn't know what he's in for... I see a few neglectful weeks in his future... :(

- According to our midwives, Baby's head is "really low," but they think she's gonna be tall - like her Daddy, as her butt still looks high.
- Women love to tell you whether you've dropped or not (which I find rather annoying, as everyone has a different idea of what that "should" look like, and no one seems to care what the Mom-to-Be thinks or is actually feeling). Personally, I'm stickin' with what my midwives say and what I feel - which is something like a grapefruit about to drop outta me! (Sorry if that's too much of a mental picture! :) )
- I'm already amazed at how our bodies adapt to function on so little sleep. My internal clock is all kinds of outta whack these days, but somehow I manage to function rather well on so little sleep. Practice for what's to come, I'm sure...
- Baby was showing off for her dad the other day by showing him how hard she could scrape her elbow across his hand... Well, Scott yelled out of sheer shock (or terror, maybe), and I think it scared her! She went from all squirmy to suddenly very still. We got a good laugh over it, and she finally came around again to entertain us with her mysterious, moving body parts... Too funny.
- I'm a sock girl - I like my feet covered at the very least, and especially by a good pair of well-fitting socks. And I hate it when socks are on crooked or are loose by the toes. So let's just say that I've had my fair share of frustrating sock moments as I can no longer reach my feet unless I'm sitting and I hoist my foot up atop the opposite knee. But... this only complicates matters, as I then have to figure out how to get my sock on sideways - not the ideal set-up for a successful sock-putting-on moment. Too many times they end up crooked and goofy looking. Oh well... Just a matter of days and I'll be able to reach my toes again.
- Speaking of toes... I had a dilemma the other day as I looked down and realized that my toenails were in desperate need of a trimming, and I was stumped at how I was to go about remedying the situation! After concluding that I just couldn't bring myself to ask Scott to do it for me, I just went for it. You know, if you hold your breath and don't breath while bending over, you can reach just that much farther!
- I started last Thursday rather excited that it was my last day of work, but ended it in a pile of tears while sitting in my truck, waiting for it to warm up after a nice, long 12-hour shift. I'd been so excited to no longer have to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to pull 12-hour shifts, running myself ragged trying to cater to people who think you're some sort of glorified waitress who also does all the dirty work, never seeing the light of day this time of year, only to end the day by sitting in a frozen heap of metal at -4 waiting for it to warm up before you can finally be on your way home where then you can't even hug your husband due to not knowing what kind of nastiness you're wearing, and a shower and your bed are all you want. BUT... sitting in my truck that night, I realized that it was really a bittersweet moment for me, as I was putting a big part of my Life's journey behind me. Over the course of my 5 1/2 years at Providence Hospital, I have grown in ways I never would have in any other environment. It stretched me, challenged me, showed me areas of strength - and weakness - I didn't know I had, built my confidence, humbled me, taught me people skills, introduced me to some of the most amazing people I've ever met, took me outside my "Christian Bubble" and showed me realities of the "Real World" - the bad and the good, exposed me to some of Life's greatest moments and some of its worst, taught me when to cry with people or simply sit and listen and when to just walk away, showed me what teamwork really looks like off the court and lived out in daily life (and what happens when people don't "play" as a team), and, of course, taught me far more about medicine and the medical field than I could ever try to write out on paper. While I'm excited to move on to this next journey, it will be sad to leave some of what I've had a Providence behind. I'm thankful for my time there and for who it's helped me become. Nothing can replace that...

Okay, I know this is getting long, but I have to share this... This is a terrible photo, but absolutely hilarious... Here's the scene: It's the middle of winter, none of my warm coats fit, I remember that there's a jacket in the basement that I never wore because it was too big, so I pull it out thinking it will be perfect. Scott comes in the room just as I'm about to zip it up and I excitedly tell him that I now have a coat that should fit. He watches (ever amazed at my growing belly and how many clothes I've outgrown) as I zip it up. And then... Pop! The zipper bursts open from the bottom up. Scott looks at me to see what my reaction will be, and when he sees me start to laugh, he just looses it... In between hysterical laughs, he tells me, "Wait there! I have to get the camera!" And hence, the photo...

And this... this is a little teaser of what's to come. Yep, Baby's room being painted... Her room is mostly done, but I still have some final details to finish up and curtains to finish. Once it's done, I'll give you the grand tour by photos...

Okay... sorry that was so long! Lots to catch up on, as I've been slacking on this whole blog thing... We've had many adventures and memories since I last posted, but they'll either have to wait or just fall by the wayside as spare time to just sit and type away is limited these days, and soon to be even more limited! Here's to hoping I can find time somewhere between school and diapers and feedings and maybe even some sleep!