Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Happening...

Whether I like it or not, my little girl is growing up, like they all say, way too fast. We have absolutely LOVED every phase, but as she becomes more of a toddler than a baby with every passing day, I find myself - once again - a bit sad to leave such a wonderful time behind...

Backing up a bit, here's a few *factoids* about the Wee One at 8 months:

- Feeds herself, for the most part.
- Pulls herself up on anything and everything.
- Has officially made friends with the dog - we weren't sure his feelings were mutual, but they are now. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in the "feeding herself" process, Tucker gets a few nibbles now and again.)
- "Walks" all by herself while holding on to her "walker" toy.
- Has 6 teeth that have come through.
- Has been on her first sheep hunt, and came out with a trophy of her own!
- Enjoys playing with household items more than her own toys.
- Is in the 90th percentile for height, and 15th percentile for weight!
- Has an ever-expanding repetoire of sounds and noises that she makes.

And now at 10 months:
- Took her first steps all on her own!
- Pushes whatever moves and that she can hang on to all around the kitchen and living room (kitchen table chairs, laundry baskets, large tupperwares...)
- Eats extraordinary amounts of food! Meat of any kind, fish, avocado, mango, raw milk cheese, berries of any kind, and banana top her favorites list.
- LOVES her Papa... I see the makings of a daddy's girl!
- Smiles and giggles all the time... super sweet!
- Is curious about everything, very alert, very strong, and very busy!
- Follows Mama everywhere, as she doesn't like Mama to be out of sight or arms reach these days.
- Loves her animal books, pulling DVD's out of the TV unit, pulling the remotes off the DVD player, and playing with my little 3lb. hand weights.
- She's potty training too! (I know, you don't believe me, but it's true... and yes, it's working!)
- Super chatty, and will carry on a pretty decent conversation with anyone willing. : )
- LOVES water - especially baths. She'll more than happily play until the water is cold...
- Drinks from a cup - with help, that is. Got to give Grampa B credit on that one! I'd only given her a sippy cup, but she reached for his water, so... he gave it to her, and now it's stuck... Pretty fun.
- And... we've had to introduce the dreaded "no" and some swats of the hand. : (

Those are the highlights I can think of for now... Enjoy the pics of some of her "growing up" moments...

Was given this picture just recently. P's 2 1/2 months here... Her 3 year-old cousin, and 10 month old cousin are sitting with her. Look how tiny she is!!Our Little Meat Eater

Still figuring out the green beans...

First time in our "high chair!"

Crawling everywhere!

Sittin' like a pro!

Pulling up on everything!

So proud...

She loves her books!

Her favorite toy right now - her walker!

Our Welcoming Committee

Link Time!

It's that time again - time to post links to photo albums of... who else? Paisley Spring, of course! I'm still hopeful that someday I will have it all together enough to post these more frequently, so as to not overload you guys every time I do get around to posting more pictures of the little munchkin.

The albums contain lots of fun pictures, but if you don't have time for them, stay tuned - I will be posting a few of the best from each shortly...

Here they are!

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