Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Lil' Pun'kin...

Paisley's First Halloween!Cutest Pumpkin Ever...Discovering Candy...Goofy Girl...Aww...SO cute...Having Fun!"Oh Candy, how I wish I could eat you!"

A Few More to Add...

Our BIG eater... She sat and ate supper for an hour and a half the other night (granted, she's feeding herself, so it takes a long time ANYways...)......And then she went back for the leftovers about 15 minutes later!Caught!Always a smile for Mama...Six teeth and counting...Her new favorite thing (it changes every day, doesn't it?): taking her parents for walks!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Times with Paisley!


The Munchkin!

No one can make her laugh like her Papa...

Lash Girl

Ain't she cute?

Cuddling with Mama...

Always smiling...

Sleeping soundly after a trip to the pool. And would you look at those lashes? (Can you tell I'm slightly jealous?)

Paisley and her "twin" friend Cedar.

Playing with Papa...

Hiking with Mama...

Mama wishing she could sleep while someone packed her up to Sheep Country!

Happy Camper


Like Father, Like Daughter

Rosy Cheeks

Paisley's First Sheep!

Our Little Bear

Autumn walks with Papa...


Fun at the park!

I think she likes swinging... don't you?


Fall Visitors...

Fall brough us some visitors - Scott's parents and my brother, Vince. Their trips weren't planned to overlap, but they did by a few days. Grampa and Gramma Luber spent their time helping Scott and I with projects around the house, and, of course, hanging with The Pea. Uncle Vince had a break from school, and got to come home for about 10 days. Our gatherings with him usually revolved around food. Good family, good food... what more do you need, right? Oh, beer. Can't forget the beer... : )

Here are some fun ones from during the visits:

Gramma Luber eatin' some darn cute toes!

Gramma and Paisley helping Mama make bread.

Paisley being her usual cute self!

Out for a walk with the grandparents.

A sleepy girl who was up way past her bedtime to play cards with Papa and Grampa.

Gettin' in on the action...

No, no P in this picture, but it was too good not to post... Can't wait to have Uncle Vince home for good!

Go Huskers! P sportin' her Huskers Onesie!

Hanging with Uncle Vince.

Gramma teaching Paisley farm animal sounds - Paisley was LOVING it!

Grampa's unique way of carrying children around!

Bathtime = Fun Time!