Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seriously... three months already?

The day was actually kind of sad for me - I was calling our photographer to schedule Paisley's 3-month pictures. How could three months have gone by already? I suddenly felt like I needed to cuddle her more, kiss her more, worry less about routines and good habits and just hold her while she sleeps more, take more pictures, stare into her deep, blue eyes more... Someone once told me, about her own child, "I tried holding her tightly, but she just kept on growing..." Aww, sad... : (

Three months has marked a fun age for Paisley of grabbing toys, entertaining herself for longer periods, lots of smiles and some giggles even; but it's sad in some ways to say goodbye to the newborn phase... I keep telling myself, "I need to remember this moment." I hope all my scribbly notes in her journal and thousands of pictures taken will help me to hang on to those precious memories.

Sad tears aside, three months is really turning out to be a fun, fun age! Melts my heart every time Paisley looks up and gives me one of her big, "That's my Mama!"-grins. And what better way to enjoy this fun time than take some fun pictures? Here are some of our favorites from the professional 3-month photos, taken from Paisley's very own room (more pics of her room to follow... someday... soon... I hope...). : )

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