Monday, May 23, 2011


For those of you unfamiliar with "Luber Lingo," that's short for "this post will contain weblinks." (Okay, so it sounded funnier in my head...)

Anyways... I've been trying to find a way for you all to access more pictures of Paisley, and I think I've got it somewhat figured out... The following links (in order from youngest to oldest) are links to online photo albums of pictures of Paisley and our family. A few things to note: some pictures are upside-down (I tried all kinds of things to fix this, but to no avail, so you'll just have to crank your head sideways!); I believe you have to click a "View" button to view the albums on a slightly larger scale, and then give it a minute to load the album; if you double-click on a photo, you can see it enlarged. Please feel free to pass on our website address to anyone who we may have forgotten, and please let me know if these links don't work for whatever reason! I'm new to all this...

Okay.. here goes!

- Paisley Spring - First Few Days

- Paisley Spring - First Few Days Continued

- Paisley Spring - First Few Weeks

- Paisley Spring - First Weeks Continued

- Paisley Spring - Just Months Old

- Paisley Spring - 3 Month Photos

- Paisley Spring - 3-4 Months

- Paisley Spring - 3-4 Months Continued

- Paisley Spring - 3-4 Months Continued Again

Okay - enjoy!

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