Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holy Asparagus!...

So, every year it seems that I get the itch to try something crazy in our garden (crazy to me, at least...) or something that I know is relatively hard to grow. One year it was a pepper plant, another it was tomoatoes and beans from seed (will someone please help this poor soul!), last year it was brussel sprouts and blueberries (which actually did fairly well!), and this year... drum roll please... I'm growing asparagus! (The post title didn't give it away, did it?) And... miracle of all miracles... it's growing! Don't tell my hubby, but I was a bit skeptical that it would hardly survive the trip home from the greenhouse, let alone grow! But... we love it, and it's not cheap up here, so I decided to take a stab at it anyways... It started with just a couple shoots, and now there are a few more poking their way through the soil. You can not imagine my excitement! Well, maybe you can - I'm blogging about asparagus, for cryin' out loud...

Anyways... among the other "experiments" on this year's list are: red and black currants, a cherry tree (all three of which are growing great at the moment!), and Jerusalem artichokes (they're acutally a tubor, not an artichoke like you would think... ). And due to a makeshift greenhouse my handyman-hubby has built, we're bringing back the brussel sprouts and corn this year for another go.

Wish us luck!


  1. We grew some asparagus in MT, you know you can't pick it till like the 3rd year right? That is what killed it for me, but our friend Brad in MN has a killer patch in his yard and he just gave it away it produced so much! Keep it up because if you can get it to stay you're in the money!

  2. Thanks, Melanie - yeah, I'd heard about the 3-year rule... Wow, I would love to have "too much" someday! For now, I'm just hoping it makes it through the winter! "They" say it's good to a bit below zero, though, so I'm hopeful...