Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Day for the Luber Household!

Well... kinda. It's been a big last two weeks, actually. But that doesn't make for the best-sounding post-title, now does it? Anyways, let's recap, shall we?...

- Two dall sheep down to fill the freezers (Scott and Steve each got one)
- One caribou down to fill the freezers as well (Way to go Joel!)
- Paisley was left with "babysitters" for the first time! (So Mama could have some much-needed "her-time" while the Boys were out playing.)
- Paisley started crawling! ...And thus started opening cabinet doors, dumping baskets of pinecones, and attempting to eat who-knows-what off our floors before I can run across the room and pry it from her cute, little hands. Ooh, let the games begin!
- Paisey began feeding herself for the first time - picking up bits of salmon and raspberries off her tray, and having those bits actually make it IN to her mouth! And I gotta throw this out there - she was using her left hand the whole time... Kinda interesting! We'll see where that goes...

Okay... speaking of the Lil' Pea, she has also figured out that she can get my attention by whining even if she really doesn't need anything, and is attempting that tactic as I write.

Well... I guess she wins this one - better go.

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