Monday, August 8, 2011

Who Knew?...

Who knew that cookies and emails and ice cream in the hot, Guatemalan sun would lead to a marriage proposal?

Who knew that marrying your favorite person really would give you a best friend for life?

Who knew that all those terrible things people tell you about first years of marriage are never doomed to come true?

Who knew that it really is true that you can love your spouse more and more with every passing day?

Who knew that there would be "enough" love to add a third to our "family?"

Who knew that a baby would bring more joy and love to our life than we thought it could ever hold?

Who knew that middle of the night feedings would bring more smiles than frowns?

Who knew that screams and tears would evoke love and not frustration (okay, let's be real... most of the time, that is!)?

Who knew that a little smile could make your heart just swell inside your chest?

Who knew that you could still go adventuring, even with a kiddo?

Who knew that yogurt could be so much fun to experience again, yet through a little one's taste buds this time?

Who knew that this whole "becoming one"-thing would be by far the best adventure of our lives?

Who knew that after almost 5 years of marriage, I would be left absolutely speechless as to how amazed of and how thankful I am for my husband? Words simply do not do justice...

And who knew that after even 7 years of sheep hunts, I would miss my husband more now than ever before?!...

Who knew?

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