Friday, July 30, 2010

June Adventures

The first weekend in July, we found ourselves drifting in the ocean waves for halibut... in a zodiak. A great new adventure for us, and likely not the last time we'll be seen out there...A few dozen eagles decided to camp out along the beach as fellow fishermen tossed their "leftovers" aside... Made for some good entertainment, to say the least.
A gal I work with and her boyfriend offered to have us up to the Copper River out of Chitina to go dipnetting with them out of their boat. And who could turn down an offer like that?! So... the second weekend in July, we got ourselves all kinds of slimy and sandy, as we camped on the beach and fished at odd hours of the night. We took home 30 reds and 5 kings. Just what we'd been hoping for....And then we proceeded to processes the fish for days thereafter... most of which included smoking and canning it.
Third weekend included some rather unsuccessful fishing on the Kenai, and then a 5 hour-long stint of wood cutting. Do you think we'll have enough for the winter? I don't know...
We wrapped up June with an annual rafting trip down the Kenai. Not many salmon to be caught then either (thanks to the no-show run of fish). But the boys had fun trying their hands at fly fishing, even catching a few trout.
When we're not backpacking, we sure do camp food well. It's actually probably one of the highlights of these types of camping trips for us - we eat so well! Let's see... pork loin, deer chops, corn on the cob, steamed mixed veggies, and...
...A baked potato bar that would rival any found in any restaurant. We have... s & p, sour cream, bacon bits, butter, scallions, and shredded cheddar cheese. Mmm... Makin' me hungry!
And the aftermath: one pooped puppy. We couldn't have kept him awake if we'd tried!

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