Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Update!

Here "we" are.... 18 weeks here, and growing leaps and bounds by the day!

So... we've learned a few more things in the last several weeks... Care to know?

- Maternity pants stink. You'd think after thousands of years of women going through this, that they'd come up with a better system. A piece of elastic attached to demin? C'mon... Do they actually work for some of you?! I'm not having much luck... *Stretchy pants* (for you Nacho Libre fans out there...) have become my saving grace...

- Dehydration causes the uterus to freak out... like really freak out. Like, want-to-drop-to-your-knees-in-the-middle-of-Freddies-'cause-the-pain-is-so-terrible kind of freak out. Yeah... not a fun experience, but I sure learned my lesson. The lid to my water bottle is never on, unless I'm en route somewhere. Otherwise my water bottle is practially attached to my mouth. Which also means I'm never far from a restroom!

-So, I'm not sure what this "fluttering" sensation is all about, because it feels more like someone is gently poking me with his finger from the inside, out. Either way, it's incredibly exciting and mind-blowing all at the same time. Here was the scene a few nights ago: Scott and I are laying in bed, chatting softly before falling asleep... "I think I feel the baby moving!" Scott reaches over and puts his hand on my belly... In a 'I'm-sorry' kind of voice, I tell him, "Babe, you won't be able to feel it..." "Shh!" he says, his hand still pressed against my belly, hoping for something... anything. Too cute... I love his excitement... Gives me a great peace.

- Picking a name is probably one of the hardest, most overwhelming tasks. Waiting on God to give us one feels like we not "doing" anything to help (which is obviously the wrong perspective), but looking for one feels cheap, like shopping for a piece of clothing.

- Baby still can't get enough fruit and bread...

- Tea... it's hard to find a tea that "they" say is not only good for you, but that isn't potentially harmful to Baby. Even the "pregnancy" teas out there contain herbs that aren't recommended during pregnancy. Sheesh... Somebody should just tell me that all teas are bad so I'll at least stop looking for one!

- "Nesting" started long ago for me... For many, many weeks now, I've had the itch to rid my house of anything unnecessary, unused for some time, and to organize the heck out of things. Thinking ahead to all the "stuff" that accompanies Baby makes me want to gut our house and all that's in it, to "start fresh" when the little one arrives. The Arc of Anchorage hauled away several boxes and bags of items just this week, and I already have another growing pile that will need hauled away here soon. I'm seeing corners of rooms that I haven't seen in a year or more! And I feel that I've only just touched the surface... So much to do. It's work, but it sure feels good to get rid of it all, and to organize our house a little better.


  1. Hi Liz, Jer and I just found this - congrats on the pregnancy! Being a mom is wonderful. Loved reading your preggo comments. I had trouble finding pants too - old navy has a good selection, although all their clothes run big so you have to get a small size. I really liked the real waist stretch twill pants for wearing to work. Super comfortable and adjustable. None of their shirts fit - all too big even in x-small. The kicks only get stronger. By the end my poor uterus was all bruised from the inside :( We also had a heck of a time naming our kid. She didnt get a name until she was a day old. but you can certainly take your munchinkin home without a name if you dont think of one. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

  2. Thanks Eileen! Yeah, I bought a pair from Old Navy because they were on sale, and I knew I'd grow in to them... They're a little big just yet, though. And yeah, the name thing is sure a challenge... but you picked a great one! Hope all is well, and congrats!