Friday, August 20, 2010

She's a Girl!

More things we're learning:

- It's a girl! And ultrasounds just leave me in awe... Oh, and Scott informs me that "I'll just have to teach her to out throw, out hike, out hit all the boys..." Let's hope they're intimidated instead of infatuated! *Shakes head* Oh the things we get to worry over in the years to come!

- This little girl loves to move! She makes her presense known all day long with kicks and flips and such. ...Much to her Mama's enjoyment!

- Who ever said bike riding was a no-no during pregnancy? Can't believe I waited this long to ask my midwives about it. Bring on the bike rides from here on out! That is, until those little white things start falling from the sky...

- Compression stockings. Never guessed I'd be spending an ungodly amount of money on a pair of tight knee-highs. My legs will thank me, come work days especially.

- Leg cramps. Do I hear moans of sympathy out there? For someone who's never really experienced even a "charlie horse," this came as quite a shock. Here's the scene the other night: it's probably about 3 o'clock in the morning, we're both sound asleep, when all of a sudden, I "scream," as Scott puts it, and grab Scott's arm with a deathgrip, as I'm shouting (at 3 in the morning, it sure felt like shouting), "Ow! Ow! Ow!" When I managed to pry my nails out of Scott's flesh, I wasn't sure whether it hurt more to try to massage my calf that felt like it had some rabbid animal attacking it, or to just not touch it, and hope and pray that it passed. Cries of "Ooh, my leg!" finally gave way to some good chuckles, especially in the days that followed, as we re-lived the moment just for the sake of its hilarity! Scott thought something had bitten me, but says he rolled over and went right back to sleep after he realized what was happening. Not one of his most sympathetic moments, I must say, but that's okay. So... after a bit of searching and reading, sounds like more potassium, magnesium, even MORE water (and hence, more visits to my not-so-favorite room in the house), compression stockings on work days, a little salt before bed, and putting my feet up when sitting/resting are all in order for me in the days, weeks, and months to come. No more leg cramps for this gal! ...At least, I hope not.

- Hormones. Okay... society/media makes it sound like guys have the *hardest* time trying to "deal" with us and our hormones, but what about us - being trapped in a body that just decides to freak out on us once in a while? It's like an out of body experience, where your body is crying over some random, every-day conversation between you and Hubby, and you're sitting next to yourself, thinking, "What is going on? You were fine two seconds ago, and no one said anything touchy-feely or anything worth crying over... And yet you're crying... for no reason. Knock it off! You're gonna freak the Hubby out!" (I must admit, "Hubby" hasn't been freaked out by my little "freak-outs" yet. I just tell him it's hormones, and he takes it all in stride. Even wipes the tears for me if I can't get to 'em quickly enough. What a guy...) Anyways... quite the wild ride, this being-pregnant thing. At least it doesn't happen often - I don't know if I could handle myself if that were the case!

- And speaking of "freak-outs," I've learned that I must have food with me at all times. When this gal gets hungry, it's not a fun time for anyone. It was a learning experience for me when Scott and I were walking through Lowes one evening... I was desperately trying to make myself understand why I was so upset and annoyed with him, when I knew full-well that he had not only done absolutely nothing "wrong" but had been the sweetest husband to me... Then we got home, I ate something, and... suddenly all was right with the world again! Poor guy had to put up with one cranky wife for that trip to Lowes, but we both learned something that night - Liz must have food available, always and everywhere, and if Liz is cranky, feed her!

- I know I mentioned this once before, but I really can't understand why people feel so obligated to tell you their horror stories...? I annouced to some people that we're having a girl, and I was then barraded for the next however-long with horror stories of how terrible girls are when they hit certain ages. Thankfully I have enough sense about me to understand that these womens' stories don't have to be my same fate, and that raising a child to have an interactive relationship with Jesus creates different children than those I was being told about, who don't know Him, but still... I'm left perplexed. How tragic for young moms to be told such terrible things, with such confidence that the same fate awaits them too. It's like chaining shackles to someone, when you say such things. One of the things I loove about knowing Jesus, is that my "fate" doesn't have to be that of my mom's, my dad's, my peers, other young moms, other women - Jesus has a unique journey just for me, and thus a unique journey for our daughter as well. Sure, some of the struggles may be the same, but she's certainly not doomed to the same "fate" as the other girls I was being told about. Another reminder for us that misery does love company. But there's no freedom there; no life, and certainly no hope. Oh, and encouragement? Nope, not one drop. ...And so I claim freedom and life and hope and encouragement for our little girl... things only found by truly knowing and walking with Jesus. (Okay... I'm stepping down from my soap box now...)

- Is it odd that I get very excited that people can finally tell that I'm actually pregnant and not just "gaining a few pounds...?" It only took 5 1/2 months!

- Hubby's expressions are *priceless* when he feels his little girl move and kick. Love that.

- I must say... I get a kick out of a lot of these quirks that come with being pregnant. Some of this stuff is just plain hilarious to me...

- 22 weeks down; 18-ish to go... Really, how does time pass so quickly?


  1. In response to the horror stories, I think the thing that bugs me the most is when people say, "JUST WAIT until..." whatever stage comes next, or down the road. No. I don't want to "just wait" and dread when my boy/girl is 5-10 years older. I'm enjoying them right now, faults and all. We all have 'em. We aren't perfect every day and neither are they. But they're loved anyway. Ugg.

    So excited for you both that it's a girl. You two will be such fantastic parents. I just love that these "tough, manly hunter" Luber boys are getting girls. HA! It's a perfect fit. ;-)

    Have a great week!

  2. Ooh yeah, the "just wait until..." comments. Scott and I really get frustrated with those, if you couldn't tell already. Seems that people are almost wishing the things they say on you. Scott and I tend to respond with a mindset of, "Well, we're sorry that was your experience, but it doesn't have to be ours as well." Sure, some of the struggles may be the same, but the outcomes certainly don't have to be! Boy, I can sure get on a soap box on this one!...

    Yeah, we're pretty excited to meet this little one... I'm excited too to see Scott's reaction to having a little girl. I can already see him falling head over heals.. :) I have a feeling you're right - it's going to be a perfect fit!

    Hope all's well with you guys!