Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Growing...

A few things we've noticed about our baby girl, who's growing bigger every day... (I know that's supposed to happen, but when I can tell that my belly really is bigger from one day to the next, it just throws me for a loop!)

- When I am lying on my right side, she likes to tickle me with her hands and feet to the point that it's unbearable, and I am forced to switch sides... Oh well, she's sure to get her fair share of tickles from her mom and dad in the not-so-distant future.
- Our baby girl is a good sleeper so far... she wakes up when I wake up and goes to sleep when I go to sleep... Let's hope she maintains that pattern!
- My stomach isn't the only thing that lets me know I'm hungry these days... Baby seems to get much more squirmy when I get hungry, and then settles down, content as could be, once I'm full.
- So... We think we have a name picked out (and no, we're not saying!). One night Scott had his hand on my belly, was talking to her, and called her the name we're liking, and she seemed to just wiggle like crazy with excitement. Caught us both off guard at the response; maybe it's a sign! : )
- The belly is beginning to take on foreign shapes, especially when our little girl decides it's time to swim around in there. Won't be long before we see a foot here, an elbow there...

Only 11 weeks to go... Yikes! She'll be here before we know it... Better get to readying her room!

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