Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Tragedy Strikes...

Last weekend brought about a terrible accident for a dear friend of ours, and his family...

Here are a few thoughts from the last few days:
- We are "human BEINGS." Just BE with them (the family) right now... That's what's important.
- Miracles still happen.
- Hope in Jesus isn't just some nice idea we spread around to make ourselves feel better; it literally is what keeps us going at times.
- You can never have too big a support system.
- There is nothing more powerful than being faced with huge loss to make one even more thankful for what one has been given. From the day I said "I do" to my husband, every night before bed I have thanked Jesus for him. That thankfulness has grown exponentially over the last almost 4 years, but the last few days have left me without words as to how thankful I am for him. Seems I have only tears to convey to Jesus my heartfelt thanks to Him for the man He's given me, and what we have together.
- Babies have a way of bringing joy to tragic situations.
- His peace really does surpass all understanding and comprehension, and He gives strength to those who turn to Him that is simply unexplainable.

Please pray for our friend Wes, who is in critical condition after a plane crash, and for his wife and 6-week-old baby boy. Pray that he would not only be able to breathe on his own, but that, with time, he would regain the use of his arms and legs. The outcome looks grim by what doctors are saying, but we have great hope, and we know that we believe in a God that still performs miracles...

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